Winners announced in final UVU student body elections

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With student voting participation up to 13.7 percent, a five percent increase from last year, UVU Student Association’s final elections for next year’s student body officers came to a close on Friday, March 1.

The winners were Taylor Bell for Student Body President, Brylee Bromley for Executive Vice President, Maddie Mishko for Vice President of Academic Senate, Annie Smith for Vice President of Student Activities and Ramiro “Rudy” Alba for Vice President of Clubs-ICC President.

Bell won with 2,249 votes, while his contender, Shayla Northcott, received 1,388 votes. Bromley won with 3,002 votes, Mishko with 1,661, Smith with 2,570 and Alba with 42.

This year there were 3,730 ballots, meanwhile last year there were only 2,294 ballots cast, making the student voting percentage a mere 8.29 percent.

According to UVUSA’s website, Bell ran for Student Body President because of “his desire to serve his fellow students and contribute to UVU’s mission of student success.” Additionally, Bell aims to further “contribute to the culture of inclusivity and put student needs first.”

He has five main goals he hopes to achieve while serving in his new position. As Student Body President, he plans to “increase collaborative events across campus, increase transparency, [increase] school pride, increase the opportunity that UVU students have to get involved and [increase] mental health and campus safety.”