Enough love, compassion, gratitude, peace, loaves and fishes, understanding, inclusiveness, graciousness, light, joy, miracles and abundance for all. And, perhaps because the gifts are offered so freely by one whose intentions are absolutely pure, we within our limited perception as spirits presently embodied, will accept these gifts which we have previously neglected to acknowledge.
Enough would be perfect.
Peace be unto you.

-Robbin Anthony, office manager

He would buy love in the form of fruitcake and wine and give it to those who really need a boost.

-Parker Donut, Sports writer

I’m sure it would have to do with buying a menorah for his dad, a dradle for his mom, and maybe some a nice poinsettia for his girlfriend Mary Magdalene. You know, cause he’s a Jew… or was a Jew. Now he’s Mormon, right?

-Dave Iba, Photo editor

He would buy me a puppy. Because he knows I have been more than good enough this year for a puppy. Thanks for having my back big guy.

-Jennie Nicholls, editor at large

A Fathead of Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler. The Cowboys might be America’s team, but the Broncos are Heaven’s team. Championship!

-David Fullmer, Life writer

Probably sight for the blind, health for the sick, and food for the hungry. But I don’t know if he would necessarily have to buy those things or if he would bring them about by means of miracles. I’ll ask next time I see him.

-Jordy Kirkman, Multimedia editor

Jesus would buy food for his year supply. No man knoweth.

-Lavyrlle Christantsen, “Maverick Eagle”