What people wish they knew about business

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Benjamin Gould came to UVSC to share his knowledge, experiences and secrets of success with students Thursday, Sept. 27, in the Ragan Theater.

Gould is the president and chief executive officer of Mstar Metro, a Salt Lake City-based Internet, phone and cable provider.

Since graduating from UVSC, he has been working for 17 years in corporate development.

Gould’s lecture was part of UVSC’s Executive Lecture Series for business students and had an audience of more than 100 attendees.

He focused on the "80/20 Rule," explaining that, "Eighty percent of the business you have is crap, and the 20 percent left is what you want to do."

People may think that the secrets for a successful career are complicated, but the secrets of this alumnus and former student body president of UVSC are not.

One of Gould’s secrets is to realize that the relationship between business and money changes very fast. He said that it is important to pay attention to these changes when looking for, and while in, a career.

Another secret is that, in order to be promoted in a company, a person has to "create himself or herself (as) invaluable."

"(The) principle of (other) people’s values is hard to find," Gould said, "but know your value.