What Love Is

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s not easy to say exactly what love is, especially when everyone feels it differently and has unique experiences that lead them to believe that love does or does not exist. Growing up I always knew that I would eventually find someone to spend the rest of my life with, but I was always unsure of what it would feel like to actually love another person so deeply. Though I am not married or engaged, I’m no longer unsure. We met in eight-grade math class where we passed notes every other day. By the time 2006 rolled around we both had cell phones and (luckily) unlimited text messages. Eight years of friendship has now led us to be the inseparable team that
we are today. Shelby has taught me what it really means to be in love.
She’s extremely adorable and the funniest person I’ve met. I miss her the second she leaves until I’m able to see her
again. Everything just feels right when we are together. But I didn’t learn to love simply because I like her, all these things traits are minor compared to the real reason we are in love, at least in my opinion.
Famous researcher Brene Brown states that we make connections and gain courage by showing and embracing vulnerability. It’s an idea that seems new to many folks but I truly believe that Shelby and I are embracing
vulnerability by embarking on a relationship together that has no guarantee.
That might sound gloomy and doubtful, but in reality, no one can guarantee a love like ours.
Love is about taking chances and when there is no guarantee then the operative thing to do is to be there for each other no matter what happens. Shelby and I have a good grip on
this. We both love each other whole-heartedly while truly understanding that we don’t know where our future will take us, we show and accept each other
for who we really are.
The world would see a significantly lower amount of di-
vorces and negative relationships if everyone could learn to work with their special someone, to learn who we really are by embracing the unknown together. Because Shelby and I can accept each other for who we
are, I anticipate many more years with
her; maybe forever.