Welcome back!

Reading Time: 2 minutes SB President welcome message

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dear Wolverines,

Welcome to the Fall 2009 semester! On behalf of the student council we are excited to have so many of our fellow students return and even more excited to welcome more than 4,000 first-time and transfer students to campus! Your experience here will depend a great deal on you and how you choose to become involved in the many opportunities available.

As your Student Body President, I would like to remind you that you are a member of UVUSA (Utah Valley University Student Association), and would like to invite you to participate and get connected with campus this year by joining a UVUSA committee, getting involved in a club or other campus group and becoming a part of our team. Visit www.uvu.edu/studentgovernment or come by our office in the student center, SC 105 to join us.

This year we are focusing on the following 4 themes and ask for your help.

1. Going Green This goal has a two-fold mission, help UVU become an eco-friendly campus by recycling  paper, cardboard and aluminum at any of the 400 plus recycling bins around campus.  Second, show your school spirit by wearing UVU apparel and taking pride in your University.

2. Campus Safety Join the new campus text messaging service OPT IN at uvu.edu and receive emergency updates and other activity messages. Report safety issues and concerns to campus police at 801-863-5555 to assure that UVU will continue to be a safe campus.

3. Accurate Student Voice Let your voice be heard this year and tell us the concerns, ideas, opinions and suggestions you have for the university, so we can be sure to accurately represent you. We have multiple suggestions boxes around campus and will hold several debates and open forums throughout the year where you can share your opinions. You are always welcome to stop by the student government offices in SC 105 in person.

3. Equity Funding We will fight to ensure equity funding statewide through student advocacy and eliminating unnecessary or inefficient expenses.

Please consider this a special invitation to all UVUSA events and activities!

With best intentions to serve,

Trevor Tooke

Student Body President, UVUSA 2009-2010