‘Wee Center’ grows up

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ISSUE: Jan. 14, 2013


by Mallory Black_About 100 members of the UVU community looked on as President Matthew Holland and donor Barbara Barrington Jones broke ground Jan. 10 on the two-level building expansion of the Wee Care Center, newly named the Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation.

School administrators, faculty and other donors attended the event, which took place at the project site adjacent to the existing Wee Care Center on 400 West.

“This is a day that reminds you that dreams do come true in this world of ours,” President Holland said. “Too often, we hear messages that make us believe otherwise, but today is a startling joyful reminder that dreams can come true.”

Eight children played with green plastic buckets and shovels in a large sandbox where waves of staff and administrators took turns in turning up the soil.