America: states, and cities, across the country, we all share in our country’s vision of recovery. Countries all over the world, even in (the wealthy country of) Dubai, are feeling the pain. President Obama needs our help and support. He needs partners: the American people, members of congress, governors, mayors, citizens, the rich and the poor. He needs all of America’s support. It’s that serious. If America can pull its economy together, the impact will be felt all over the world.
Here in Utah, Senators Hatch and Bennett are not being truthful with their opposition to President Obama’s financial rescue plan. Senator Bennett has no idea if the plan will work. If he knew that (a little vague, the “that”) then he would have spent the last eight years trying to keep the Bush administration from driving the car into the ditch.

As the Republican Party looks at redefining itself for the future, they seem to have found Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity (as their unelected chairmen). Rush Limbaugh has openly stated that he wants President Obama to fail. No American, Republican or Democrat, should want President Obama, (or any president of the United States) to fail. Hundreds of thousand of hardworking families are losing jobs, homes, health insurance, and faith in government. Why would ANYONE want failure under these circumstances?

Where were the fiscal conservatives like Hatch and Bennett when President Bush, in the fall of 2008, effectively nationalized the banking and mortgage industries? It was Senators Hatch and Bennett, and the conservative Bush administration, who enabled the enacting of the largest expansion of the welfare state in thirty years (e.g., prescription drugs for the elderly). Senators Hatch and Bennett seem to have each forgotten that President George Bush laid the foundation of this economic rescue pattern when he spent 700 billion dollars to rescue the financial sector for making bad loans on his watch.

What if Hatch and Bennett, just for a little while, considered that being an American is more important than being a Republican? What if they compared notes with Governor Huntsman and looked at the state through his eyes and could see the value of building things in Utah that would provide jobs for Utah, and money for Utah roads and other infrastructure projects. We have an economy that can no longer be understood. While the world watches and waits, Senator Bennett sticks 40 million dollars in a bill to help his friends in the nuclear power industry. Remember, this is a bill he is going to vote against, but he knows it will pass. Senator Hatch is busy making sure entertainers are fairly compensated with music royalties. But the grand prize in our financial crisis, like nothing ever seen, goes to State Reprehensive, Carl Wimmer, who is focused on making sure people who may have a sex change operation make the necessary adjustment on their driver’s license. Now who would think of something like that at a time like this? Is it just me, or do others see the problem, here? Help President Obama help us millions of ordinary citizens succeed.