It’s not just about John McCain and Barack Obama; it’s also about Don Jarvis.

“Who is Don Jarvis?” I asked myself. He is a Democrat running for Utah House District 63, which means he would be representing our area if he won.

Do you know there are multiple elections going on during the month of November? That means there are multiple candidates running for the offices that will run your district, state and country. We have the opportunity to choose these individuals.

So let’s take a stand and notice the people around us who are locally running the government. What about Senators, Governors, the House, the Senate and House District 63? Do you know who they are?

This is a historic election year with many different possibilities in our hands, waiting for us to choose during November 2008. Many choices are going to be made; changes are about to happen.

I hadn’t really paid attention to any other election this year besides the main one, the presidential election. I hadn’t any other type of election any thought.

Which makes me ask this: If no one paid attention to the election in 1994 when George W. Bush won the position of Governor of Texas, beating Ann Richards, Democratic Party, and Keary Ehlers, Libertarian Party, would Bush be president now?

To take a ballot in our hands and choose who represents us is something not to take lightly. Voting is a privilege. It is something as Americans we have the right to do.

So this election year, take notice of all the different elections and different candidates. Let your voice be heard — go out and vote! Vote for Jarvis, he might be your kind of man. Or take the man he is running against, Republican Stephen Clark.

Just remember, it is our duty and right to vote.