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webTwo team’s campaign efforts will culminate March 1-3 for UVUSA student body elections. Student body officers for the 2010-2011 year will be elected by the general student body.

The two teams running are Team Elevate and Team UVUnited. Team elevate is headed by Richard Portwood, running for Student Body President. Portwood has served on UVUSA for three years now where he currently resides as UVUSA Executive Vice President. Clint Pulver, current UVUSA Communications department representative, is running as Portwood’s Executive Vice President. Chris Loumeau, current UVUSA Woodbury School of Business representative, is running for Vice President of Academics and Sarah Standing, current UVUSA Activities Chair, is running for Vice President of Student Life.

“Our name is synonymous with everything we want to do,” said Portwood. Team Elevate hopes to help students and the university climb the mountain of success as represented by the ‘V’ in their logo. Portwood said he feels we still had a lot to do to fully achieve serious university status. “There are no limits to what we can do,” he said.

When asked about their platforms Portwood mentioned he would like to keep the focus on more academic things without loosing the “social aspect important to any university experience.” Team Elevate wants to use their influence as part of student government to work with the many on-campus organizations to maximize student success.

Team UVUnited is being headed up by Michael Spurrier. Nathan Lambson is running as Spurrier’s Executive Vice President with Daniel Diaz, currently resident engagement coordinator for the Office of Student Involvement, as Vice President of Academics and Tess Seymour, currently serving as a Vice President of LDSSA, as Vice President of Student Life.

“The ultimate purpose of our platform is to just get people involved in something,” said Spurrier. “We want to get people involved with campus life.” Spurrier described his team as formerly disgruntled students looking to make some real changes. As their team name suggests, UVUnited hopes to build unity in the student body. They plan on doing this by getting students involved in their objectives; namely the beautification of campus and the continued expanding of the current go green initiatives. While defining the ‘beautification’ of campus Spurrier explained he and his team would like to get rid of the current “green factory look” with the addition of xeriscapes, vegetable gardens and zen gardens. UVUnited also hopes to restore the Bunnel home, located in the middle of campus, to a free student art gallery.

When asked about his preference in teams Trevor Tooke, current Student Body President, said, “I think they are both awesome, I’m really impressed with both of them.”

Tooke described his retirement as Student Body President as bittersweet. “It will be nice,” Tooke said. He hopes to focus on school and enjoy free time with his wife and new baby for a couple of semesters before applying for grad school Spring 2012.

To vote, visit the University home page at and login to UVLink. Click on the new link on the left side of the home tab under ‘Voting’ for links to the team websites or to cast your vote.

Voting begins Monday, March 1 at 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. and will continue on Tuesday, March 2 from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Wednesday, March 3 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Results will be announced Wednesday at 6 p.m. in SC 213. Results  can also be seen on the UVUSA home page.

Team info:

Want to see these teams debate about their platforms?

Be in Centre Stage March 2 at 12 p.m.


Richard Portwood – Student Body President

Clint Pulver – Executive Vice President

Chris Loumeau – Vice President of Academics

Sarah Standing – Vice President of Student Life

Dedication to Education

Advocate for a more engaged and a more serious institution

Additional academic speakers and relevant debates

Increase student participation in faculty evaluations

Loyalty and Pride for our university

Establish and continue school traditions

Create additional areas for students to lounge and stay connected to campus

Implement events and activities that better meet students’ interests

Access to and awareness of student resources

Raise awareness about opportunities for student success

Introduce a computer rental program

Collaborate with campus organizations to centralize information for students


Michael Spurrier – Student Body President
Nathan Lambson – Executive Vice President
Daniel Diaz – Vice President of Academics
Tess Seymour – Vice President of Student Life

Campus Beautification

Increase student art throughout the campus

Restore the Bunnel House into a free student art gallery

Zen garden and other gardens on campus


Utilize all campus facilities such as the Wasatch Campus for Student activities and academic lectures

Increase student awareness of on-campus services

Help build lifelong collegiate relationships by creating an aware and positive environment of engaged students

Super Green

Environmental Issue Awareness – Students need to know what is happening to and in our planet

Increased Plastic recycling locations on campus

Increased paper and cardboard recycling

Using green materials in cafeteria and other food distributors