Vine for Android

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By Michelle Ngo, Reporter, [email protected]




Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app, is the latest trend to hit social networking. Vine can be downloaded fand allows users to create and record video clips with the maximum of 6 seconds, promoting the user’s creativity. Even brands such as Lowe’s and Gap, are using it to promote and inspire their business.


Previously, Vine was only available for iPhone users, but on June 3, Twitter announced that they had created Vine for Android users requiring Android 4.0 or higher.


Vine 1.0 for Android supports the basic functionality such as capturing and sharing 6-second clips, the Explore tab, sharing to Twitter and the Find Friends feature.  However, There are still some features missing in the Android version.


Vine for Android will soon have all the features, including some that iPhone users won’t have, such as the ability to zoom.  According to Twitter, this feature is impossible on the iPhone.  However, iPhone users have the advantage of front-facing cameras, mentions, hash-tags, search and sharing onto Facebook, which aren’t currently available for the Android.


Twitter announced that Android users should expect frequent updates from Vine over the next couple of weeks.  In a blog post, Twitter also announced that the two apps, on both Android and iPhone, are not completely in sync.  Twitter says future updates may contain some features that may work for only Android users.


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