Vice President of Student Activities candidates 2023-2024

Reading Time: 3 minutes UVU students Taylee Hunter and Caleb Cutler are running for VP of Student Activities, an office in which they would be tasked with planning major activities and events for students and the university. Both candidates are hoping to make their case to student voters.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

UVU Student Body Elections will run from Feb. 27 through March 2. The Review researched the candidates for vice president of engagement to hear their promises and plans for the office.

Taylee Hunter and Caleb Culter are the only candidates in the run for Utah Valley University’s Vice President of Student Activities. 

Taylee Hunter

“Hey everybody, my name is Taylee Hunter! I am currently a Sophomore at Utah Valley University. I am a pre-med student majoring in Biology. My end goal is to become a pediatrician,” Hunter’s bio reads. “I am a passionate individual that enjoys dancing, reading, pageants, service, and promoting my non-profit organization ‘Abilities beyond Disabilities.’”

In her bio, Hunter stated what her goals would be if she were to be elected as the Vice President. 

“I want everyone to feel proud to be a Wolverine. My number one goal is to bring people together and make their experience at UVU enjoyable and unforgettable. I want to give the student body a voice, [and] a choice in what their ideal college experience looks like. I want to plan events that bring inclusion and promote attendance to school activities and functions. As your student body Vice President, I would make it my mission to make sure everyone had an event to attend that represents who they are and what they enjoy,” she said.  

Hunter also stated that if elected, she would have an ‘open door policy,’ meaning that she’s open to hear ideas and feedback from every student.

“I want to be the friendly face that you feel comfortable about coming to with any great ideas for student activities. I want to encourage involvement. I want to have an open-door policy that provides several avenues for communication.” 

Hunter prioritizes student engagement and aims to connect them with clubs, groups, and organizations at UVU. She believes that clubs are an excellent opportunity for students to make friends, participate in their student experience, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their interests.

Hunter intends to support UVU students in all stages of life and interests, including those who are married, single, interested in sports, the outdoors, or art. She aims to create a sense of belonging for everyone at UVU through diverse events and opportunities. She says that she is goal-oriented, organized, and enjoys planning events. Hunter went on to say in her bio that she would listen to students’ voices and implement changes as Vice President, making everyone feel heard and connected.

Caleb Cutler 

Cutler’s bio states, “What’s up Wolverines! My name is Caleb Cutler, I am currently a junior at UVU Majoring in Healthcare administration with a minor in business management. I am a local Utahn born and raised in nearby Pleasant Grove. I love all music, dancing, sports, and meeting new people, just to name a few things. I have been a proud wolverine for much of my life, as 4 of my family members have had the chance to attend UVU and helped inspire me to attend school here.”

“Increasing campus connection is a very important goal for me,” Cutler said. “There are many amazing organizations, clubs, and teams around campus. Getting more involved with these groups through collaborations on events will allow for greater campus unity and increased student involvement.”

Cutler’s second goal is to increase recruitment and involvement in UVUSA’s Green Team, which is to promote the success of campus events. He plans to create a more “fulfilling and inclusive” experience for volunteers by fostering a sense of belonging. Cutler believes that by implementing these measures, he can enhance the overall impact of the Green Team on campus.

 “My real goal, through everything that is done with activities, is to create the best possible experience for UVU students outside of the classroom. To give students opportunities to have fun and make new friends in wholesome ways through campus activities,” he said. “College can be a time in student’s lives where they can meet lifelong friends, so creating an environment for students to connect with others and share fun experiences will be a top goal.”

Cutler’s fourth goal is to enhance school pride and support by utilizing events. Cutler aims to explore new events and revive old ones to increase school spirit. His primary objective is for students to take pride in being “Proud Wolverines,” and hosting events and activities is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Cutler believes that providing students with events that they can be proud of is critical to his overall mission.

Cutler’s final goal is to promote diversity and inclusion at UVU by organizing inclusive events that cater to all students, including non-traditional students. He plans to prioritize accessibility for students with disabilities and other health concerns in all event planning and execution. Cutler is committed to creating events that represent and include the entire student population, and he will work towards achieving this goal in the coming year. 

For more information on the candidates visit UVU Student Election,  Voting opens Feb 27 and runs till 6 P.M on March 2nd. Students can vote with this link.