Vice President Candidates of Engagement 2023-2024

Reading Time: 3 minutes UVU students First Yongyun and Sam LeVitre compete for the VP of Engagement position here at UVU. They hope to share their vision with students.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This year’s Utah Valley University Student Body Elections will run Feb. 27 through Mar. 2. The Review researched the candidates running for Vice President of Engagement to hear their promises and plans for the office. 

Sam LeVitre and First Yongyun are the candidates for VP of Engagement for 2023-2024. This article will outline these students’ biographies and their goals as Vice President of Engagement. 

Sam LeVitre 

Sam LeVitre is a freshman working towards a  Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting, with a minor in gender studies. Their candidate profile bio says “Hey Wolverines!! My name is Sam and I’m a freshman here at UVU! I’m a first-generation student, I’m the Assistant to the social arts chair on UVUSA,and I love a good hike so hit me up if you’ve got some recommendations!” 

Levitre’s first goal as VP of Engagement is to increase representation of diverse groups, such as first-generation students, non-traditional students, people of color, queer people, and people with disabilities, in council and in the branding of UVU. 

LeVitre stated that one of his goals, if elected for office, would be to promote safety and unity on campus., “Growing up with a father in law enforcement I understand the importance of security and the value of being safe. That being said, I aim to cultivate a sense of unity and safety across campus.”

LeVitre’s third goal is to collaborate with various Accessibility centers at UVU such as The Center for Social Impact, the Multicultural Student Center, and the LGBTQ+ Student Center. The goal is to organize events and provide educational opportunities for students on campus to increase awareness and understanding of accessibility issues.

LeVitre’s fourth goal is, “To continue with the inclusion task force and to bring more people to expand it and create a more diverse community.”

LeVitre’s last goal is to ensure student voices are heard. “One key part of this role is to use public and marketing strategies and campaigns for students to have their voices heard on campus and throughout their college experience. So I would keep the ball rolling on elevating student voices. I would also use more Queer people and people of color and accessibility in marketing and advertising at UVU,” they said. 

First Yongyun 

“Hello Wolverines!! My name is First Yongyun and I am running to be your VP of Engagement! I am from Thailand, I moved to the U.S. almost 4 years ago. I study psychology and digital marketing with a minor in business management. I am actually getting my psychology degree this Spring 2023, but I will keep studying for my digital marketing degree for one more year,” Yongyun’s bio reads. 

Yongyun is a UVU Foundation Ambassador, and an Asian section leader for the UVU cultural

envoy leadership program.  She is working at the UVU English Language Learning program as a student and office assistant, and is a project manager and a marketer for UVU’s Excellence and Innovative Initiative

Last but not least, Yongyun is a social media marketer for the UVU Innovation Academy. “I am everywhere because I love supporting my friends and my fellow wolverines! That’s me! I am First and you’re my first priority!”

Yongyun’s overarching goal is to prioritize students and their needs at UVU. She aims to use her experience, skills, connections, and reputation to ensure that student needs are a top priority. Yongyun believes that students’ success and development should be the primary focus and promises to use all available resources to ensure their voices are heard across the campus.

Yongyun’s second goal is a focus on, “Inclusions: As UVU students, we all bring something different and distinctive to the table. The students at UVU need to start valuing those characteristics as sources of strength. Which brings equal opportunities to learn and grow by involving yourselves despite your cultures, genders, races, background, who and how you refer to yourself.”

Yongyun’s third goal is to improve communication across the UVU campus, with the aim of increasing student engagement and awareness of events, activities, and scholarship opportunities. She plans to  draw on her own experience as an international student and use various communication channels, including social media, phone calls, and text messages, to ensure that all students are informed. Additionally, she will encourage students to spread the word about these opportunities.

Yongyun’s final goal is to lead by example, inspired by Ronald Reagan’s quote, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” 

She aims to be a positive influence on others, helping them achieve their goals and fulfill their potential by being a good role model and motivating them at every step. Yongyun believes that leadership is not about titles or positions, but rather about inspiring and guiding others toward success. She says “I will BE HERE and THERE to listen, care, and serve. As not only a member of the UVU student community but also a leader and friend.”

For more information on the candidates visit UVU Student Election,  Voting opens Feb 27 and runs till 6 P.M on March 2nd. Students can vote with this link.