Venue: Wadley Farms. Photography: Elisabeth Kate Studios

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Venue: Wadley Farms. Photography: Elisabeth Kate Studios

Cake eaters, awkward toasters and relatives you never knew you had will only be there for a few moments.


That one day, that one thing, that one reason, that one person, that one place. You want perfection, if not just for you, so that you won’t have to hear it from your mother-in-law for the next twelve years.


Utah Valley has a new venue for your first big day. Just show up, they have everything you could want, from pony rides to stemware. Castle Park can do everything, be everything and provide everything, or you can just bring whatever you want, either way, it’s not too far away.


We all want options. Fifty buttons on the remote control. Flavored diet caffeine free extra ice. Indoor outdoor upstairs downstairs morning afternoon evening wide open spaces benches couches round tables soft lighting dance music grass hardwood. There are no limits to what you can order, bring, rent or find at Castle Park.


Photo locations and opportunities are a pivotal part of selecting a venue for your big day. Plenty of thought went into the various scenes available at Castle Park. There is a small log cabin, grassy knoll, long hedgerow, open tunnel, murals and a castle, complete with bridge and moat.


A bride should have something all her own, or at least a place to breathe. Every venue should be complete with a bridal room. And ask any married woman, a private bath is a luxury no woman should do without. In fear of neglecting the groom many places now offer a suite furnished with a flat screen, video games and couches for the new husbands.


After renovations and upgrades over the winter and a successful grand opening last month, Castle Park is now available to host your reception. It is among the many unique and nearby venues excited to host and accommodate your occasion.


By Collin Lawrence




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By Collin Lawrence

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  1. That’s strange that they are describing castle park throughout the article and have a picture of wadley farms, a completley different venue. They should have a picture of the actual venue described in the article.

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