Valley View Cafeteria to be replaced with fast-food chains

Valley View Cafeteria will shut its doors for renovations after the spring semester to make room for three new fast-food chains. Current plans suggest that Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express and Farr’s Fresh will replace the cafeteria and are expected to open in the fall.

“The traditional cafeteria solution is not financially viable at an organization like UVU,” said Jacob Atkin, associate vice president of finance.

Last year, the cafeteria generated $585,000 in total revenue, compared to Costa Vida, which made almost $525,000. “Costa Vida uses approximately 1/6th of the floor space that the Valley View Room does. Based on the demand for campus and the revenue that it generates, it’s simply not a good business decision to continue with the cafeteria offerings,” said Atkin.

By utilizing the same floor space, the three chains are expected to make 250 percent more in revenue than the cafeteria.

“We will be replacing the Valley View Room with some of these more traditional retail outlets,” said Atkin.

“Not only are we trying to get them more options, but we are trying to give them the options that they want that are going to keep them here on campus so that they don’t feel like they ever have to leave campus,” said Atkin.

It is predicted that Chick-Fil-A will become more profitable than some existing venues on campus.

“Chick-Fil-A was not included in the Twitter poll that we did through UVUSA but they were mentioned quite a bit in the comments section,” said Andre Jones, presidential intern to the vice president of finance and administration, Val Peterson. The fast-food chain known for their chicken sandwiches was not originally included in polls because contracts between the chain and university were already in the works, according to Atkin.

Over half of the 350 students that participated in the Twitter poll voted for the addition of Panda Express over other potential chains such as Wendy’s, J-Dawgs and Little Caesar’s Pizza.

The current plans are to move Farr’s Fresh, which is located on the first floor of the Student Life and Wellness Center, to the second floor of the Sorensen Center. The menu will be modified to include soups and fresh salads.

The addition of the three fast-food chains will reduce the number of options for vegans. According to Atkin, the cafeteria sells 30-50 meals to the vegan and vegetarian population.

7 thoughts on “Valley View Cafeteria to be replaced with fast-food chains

  1. I don’t think the majority of vegetarians/vegans on campus have been aware of the option. It wasn’t until this semester that I discovered this, and the salad bar upstairs. Definitely bummed there isn’t going to be another healthier alternative on campus.

    1. Those of us involved in the Animal Allies club were aware and have helped to promote support of the cafeteria because of its vegan options. I am thoroughly disappointed at UVU’s lack of concern for the student body with health and dietary restrictions, and also the clear disregard for the importance of offering *healthy* options on campus. If you were looking to not drive students off of campus, you didn’t succeed. I now have practically no options for me on campus, and certainly not healthy ones regardless of my diet.

      1. Keli it is unfortunate that they’re not going to have any healthier options but keep in mind, the university is a business, as a business they’re not afraid of polarizing people. Adding more food chains will help the university make more money and keep the majority of the student’s on campus. I’m not a vegetarian nor vegan, but I do like to eat healthy. The best we can do is just adapt. I’m actually looking forward to make more homemade meals 🙂

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