UVUSA is warned against Willy the Wolverine name yelling

During the weekly UVUSA staff meeting, members were warned about reported name guessing of Willy the Wolverine at events.

Photo by Sabryne Kelly

During the weekly Utah Valley University Student Association staff meeting, UVU Athletics department employee and The Den representative Sara Groesbeck spoke to the council warning about the alleged name-calling of Willy the Wolverine.

Reportedly, the UVUSA staff yelled names at Willy the Wolverine, guessing the identity of the person under the mask. Groesbeck emphasized the importance of Willy the Wolverine’s identity. The newer mascot program offers students a scholarship to those who play the role of Willy. Groesbeck compared it to the worldwide corporation Disney, stating that the magic of Willy dies when people try to unmask who is underneath the fur. 

Groesbeck stated that the student underneath the mask loses their scholarship if they were to be unmasked. She urged the council to stop name-guessing Willy the Wolverine at events. While the warning was serious, Groesbeck stated that if the name guessing didn’t stop, Willy the Wolverine would not attend any events for the rest of the year if the yelling didn’t cease. 

Groesbeck urges students to keep the magic of the mascot and be respectful of his anonymous nature.

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