UVUSA election results 2023-2024: Zac Whitlock Elected new Student Body President

Reading Time: 2 minutes The UVUSA announced the newly elected student body executives during a press conference to mark the official end of the term elections; Zac Whitlock is elected Student Body President.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Following weeks of intense and meticulously planned campaigns and electoral procedures, the process ended with an announcement led by President, Lexi Soto, that Zac Whitlock had been elected Student body President, and others as a part of the Executive Council.

The Utah Valley University Student Association announced the winners of the 2023/2024 student body elections during a press conference on Thursday March 2. Sophomore Zac Whitlock, was announced as the winner of the student body presidential race for the incoming school year. Whitlock was declared victor after winning a total of 2308 votes (Within the first ballot) to beat out competition from opponents, Ava Gonzalez, and Cade Bloomer, who both won a total of 1826, and 1059 votes respectively.

Current senior, First Yongyun was also announced as the new Vice-President of Engagement for the UVUSA after winning a total of 3536 votes to beat her only opponent, Sam LeVitre, who managed 1262 votes.

Alongside Whitlock and Yongyun, Junior Mackenzie Jones was also declared the new Vice-president of Academics after emerging victorious from the write-in process. Jones was announced the outright winner with 188 votes making for 50% of the top three candidate ballot votes in the race (which encompassed 324 ballots).

Junior, Caleb Cutler, was also announced the new Vice-President of Activities for the UVUSA. Cutler was also declared victor after winning the most votes in his poll department, with his 3271 votes beating out his nearest and only competitor, Taylee Hunter, who herself managed a total of 1516.

With a particular focus placed on voter turnout this year, the 2023/24 elections recorded a total of 5670 votes. This represents a major surge in student participation and engagement compared to last year’s which drew about a total of 3616 voters. It also signified an estimated 20% voter turnout this year, which is a 7% increase compared to last year.

With the official elections now concluded, all eyes will be on the process and selections for the remaining cabinet positions that will make up the next student government. For more information on these positions, visit the UVUSA website.