UVU’s latest tech and opportunities on display at Tec Fest

Reading Time: 2 minutes Students gathered to learn about some of the university’s most prestigious technology and programs at UVU’s Tec Fest 2022.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Smith College of Engineering and Technology at Utah Valley University kicked off the year with Tec Fest 2022 in the Computer Science courtyard on Wednesday, Aug. 31. Students and faculty from the 11 departments rallied in the courtyard to network and see what the department has to offer. 

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could take control of your destiny and start your own business? That’s what [Tec Fest] is all about.” said Roger Chamberlain, a member of the IxD Leadership a Council for the User Experience program at UVU. 

Chamberlain went on to say that Tec Fest is all about students getting connected to the university, and exploring possibilities for their futures. At Tec Fest, students could explore all of the majors the department offers, along with internships and other involvement opportunities. Of course, a Tec Fest wouldn’t be complete without displaying UVU’s latest tech, complete with virtual reality, 3D printers and other gadgets.

Present at the Tec Fest was Matt Hasara, a professor and director of UVU’s endurance racing team. In 2019, the UVU Race team was the first ever college racing team to win a ChampCar Endurance Series race. The team has continued to travel across the state and the West to race on different tracks, when they aren’t racing, they spend their time fixing up a ’72 Porsche 914/6 GT. 

Danny Brown, a senior at UVU minoring in digital art, says the Tec Fest has exposed him to new possibilities that the college of Engineering and Technology has to offer. “It’s been a really helpful tool. It’s awesome.” 

The College of Engineering and Technology offers 11 majors: Architecture & Engineering Design, Aviation Sciences, Computer Science, Construction Technologies, Culinary Arts, Digital Media, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Information Systems & Technology, Technology Management, and Transportation Technologies. Students interested in any of these majors can visit the department website for more information, or contact an advisor.