UVU Women’s Success Center has supported students for over a decade

Reading Time: 2 minutes In just over a decade, UVU’s Women’s Success Center has significantly improved female enrollment and graduation rates.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since its’ creation, the UVU’s Women’s Success Center has worked to guide students both to and through higher education. By providing access to support, advocacy, resources, and leadership, the WSC has effectively curbed the low enrollment and graduation rates of female students.   

In 2011, 43% of students enrolled at UVU were female, but high volumes of female students were reported to drop out following their sophomore years. The WSC was created the same year to address gender-based discrepancies in enrollment and graduation rates. The success is evident as, “Every year we see significant improvement as we work toward our mandate to recruit, retain and graduate Women-identifying students.” 

Much of this success is due to the WSC’s programs, which offer support to students in various ways. One of these programs is Women of UVU, a student-run organization that aims to connect other students in the program through weekly activities and monthly socials. The Women’s Leadership Academy is a two-semester program students can join if they wish to cultivate and refine their leadership skills. One-on-one Success Coaching offers individualized support for students. The Wee Care Center provides affordable on-campus childcare for UVU’s parent-students wishing to continue their education.  

Despite being specifically designed with women’s success in mind, the WSC’s programs “are designed to help students stay on course and graduate.” The WSC can be a resource for every student on campus. On the homepage of the WSC, it’s stated, “We firmly believe that diversity is integral to building strong communities and attaining excellence, and we support the University’s diversity and inclusion mission.”  

Even for students who are not actively involved in the WSC’s programs, the Center provides many other resources, as they work “to help them find the best approaches to problem-solving and connect them with a network of campus and community support.” Such resources include a study and meeting space where students can mingle, eat, or study. “We have board games, puzzles, cards, and fidget toys available” for visitors. Supervised children are welcome in the space as well. “We have a large variety of children’s books and toys for them to play with while they’re here.”  

Through the WSC, students can also have access to other resources for physical and mental health, accessibility needs, tutoring and educational help, food and housing insecurity assistance, and more. Additionally, free condoms and female sanitary products are always provided for anyone to take at their own discretion.  

The WSC provides more information on the six MamaVa lactation pods scattered across campus to. provide private spaces for breastfeeding mothers.  

The WSC also offers various scholarships for qualifying students in search of financial assistance to complete their degree. Need-based and performance-based scholarships are offered, each scholarship with its own set of qualification and eligibility requirements. Students can learn more and apply for scholarships through Scholarship Universe.  

The WSC is located in Room 303 of the Losee Center and can be contacted by emailing [email protected] or by calling (801) 863-3010. Be sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook for updated information on current events and activities.