UVU unveils new Willy the Wolverine Statue

President Tuminez discussed several campus updates, including the vaccine mandate, in the first "Talk with Tuminez" of the school year. Photo by Natasha Colburn.

A new bronze statue of Willy the Wolverine, located in front of the Student Life and Wellness Center, was unveiled Monday, Sept. 23 to celebrate homecoming week and the university’s anniversary.

Over 200 UVU students, faculty and staff members gathered to witness the unveiling of the statue created by Virgle Oertle, an alumnus of UVU.

“UVU has a down-to-earth and humble community,” said Oertle. “But we have grown large enough to cast a shadow.”

Funding for the sculpture came by donations from Andrea and James Clarke. Although neither of the Clarkes attended UVU, they both have felt drawn to its positive influence on the community and wanted to expand that influence.

President Astrid Tuminez concluded the unveiling with an explanation of the wolverine and why it is the mascot of the university.

“The wolverine is small, but it’s not afraid of prey that is bigger than itself.”

Astrid Tuminez


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