UVU to enforce sexual misconduct training

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Photo by Julie Ostler

Students, faculty members and employees deemed non-compliant when UVU’s Title IX training received an email informing them of required sexual misconduct training Jan. 31.

The training is mandatory for compliance with numerous federal, university and boards of regent policies.

The email provided information on how to register for the training. All recipients are required to complete “Part 1” of the training within 14 days of the email time-stamp. The second part of the training will be sent after 30 days with a 14-day deadline.

There is no consequence for students who do not comply with the training requirement beyond the 14-day deadline, according to Melissa Frost, director of equal opportunity,affirmative action, and Title IX. All communication with Frost was conducted via email.

“Students are notified of the requirement and continue to receive regular notifications until the training is completed,” Frost stated. “No registration nor other academic hold is placed on a student should they not complete the training.”

For some, failure to complete the training may have other consequences in the future.

“In accordance with UVU policy,” stated Frost, “should a student be accused of or found to have violated UVU’s Sexual Misconduct or discrimination policies, lack of completed training will be considered in possible disciplinary action.”

Frost did not respond to questions regarding the number of emails her office sent. At this time, the number of students, faculty and employees that are non-compliant with the mandatory training is not clear.

“Since we have just launched this training, it is too soon to tell,” stated Frost.

The email informed recipients that UVU has enacted Policy 162 “Sexual Misconduct”.

Policy 162 covers a wide range of topics, including: relevant definitions regarding sexual misconduct, reporting policy and procedures, disciplinary measures, risk-reduction programs, and expectations for anyone on campus, including visitors

The purpose of Policy 162 continues to define its applicability to anyone affiliated with UVU in any way.

“Based on the recommendation of UVU’s Title IX and Student Life offices, UVU’s President’s Council authorized the requirement that all entering students complete online training or opt to receive the training directly from the Title IX Office,” stated Frost.

UVU’s Title IX office did not clarify whether the requirement for those entering the university applies only to newly enrolled students.

Rarely do large institutions act without a catalyst.

“The Utah System of Higher Education, which includes UVU, has contracted with EverFi as its new vendor for online training,” stated Frost. “This new training program began on January 31, 2017.”

Frost cited EverFi’s claims, included on their website, that their training program, “provides

training to 700,000 individuals at 650 institutions and is fully compliant with Title IX and Clery Act [Campus Sexual Violence Act/Violence Against Women Act].”

“We are committed to improving the culture of reporting,” stated Frost, “and education is an important component of that.”

The University of Utah, Weber State University, Utah State University, Westminster College, Southern Utah University and Salt Lake Community College each use the online training platform to educate students regarding sexual misconduct.

“Statewide training for every campus should increase awareness, develop a shared vocabulary and expectations, and help all students know their university policies,” stated Frost.

The email encourages anyone with questions about the training to contact the Title IX coordinator.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 801-863-5704

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