UVU Students to assist in iconic race car rebuild in memoriam of the late Don Cash Jr.

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Students of the UVU Transportation and Technologies department will collaborate with faculty and other industry professionals to restore the iconic “Bombshell Betty” racecar. 

“Bombshell Betty,” the 1952 Buick which has broken world records over the past several years, is to be restored with the intention of more world record fame. The goal of the restoration project is to break the 200 mph mark at the upcoming Speed Week event in Sept. 2021.

The project is dedicated to Don Cash Jr., who in the years preceding his tragic death on the summit of Mount Everest in 2019, had begun revamping his beloved race car. Cash Jr., was a lifelong resident of Utah who had a knack for adventure and an excitement for pushing the limits in life.

“It’s an emotional ride for us to complete this car. I can’t help but think Don is looking down on us and smiling to see his car being completed,” said Jeff Holm, UVU Transportation Technology Professional in residence and a close friend of the late Don Cash Jr. 

The project, which was initialized by Cash junior’s Father, Don Cash Sr. and daughter Danielle, began on Oct. 15. And according to Holm, it has offered those students who are lucky enough to be a part of it “the opportunity to learn project and time management, teamwork, organization, hard work, and the satisfaction of completing a job.”

“Bombshell Betty” is set to race down the Bonneville Speedway during the annual Speed Week event in Sept. 2021. At the completion of this project, the hope is that this pioneering run will emulate the very attitude friends and family claim Cash junior had himself. An attitude which “pushes the limits and loves to explore life.” To follow the progress of this project and to learn more about Don Cash Jr.’s legacy, click here.