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Rent a Car on Campus for Less than $15

UVU and Enterprise have joined forces and started a program designed to help students who use public transit to get from school to work without the hassle of owning a car. Enterprise CarShare is for students who are on campus and want to leave without figuring out a bus schedule or calling a cab.

To reserve a car, students must create a free account on enterprisecarshare.com. After becoming a member, students may reserve one of the two Enterprise CarShare cars located on UVU campus for a specific amount of time. Cars are $5-$7 an hour, which includes fuel cost as well as damage and liability protection.

Students who are members of the CarShare program receive a membership card that also purposes as the car key. By holding the key over the sensor located in the windshield of the car, the door will open and the keys will already be inside the car.

When the reservation is over, just take the car back to the designated parking spot and put the keys back where you found them and grab your belongings. To lock the car and stop the reservation, hold the membership card back over the sensor and the car will lock automatically.

A unique aspect of the CarShare program is that students never pay out of pocket for gas. If the car gets below a quarter tank of gas, just pull into any gas station and grab the fuel card located inside the car. There are no going into stores or extra steps; the card that you used to sign up is the one used for payment. No extra cost or hidden fees apply.

CarShare is gradually gaining popularity as more students discover how easy it is reserve a car and go. With the cost to join at $0, the only thing students have to worry about is getting to that job interview on time.

Outdoor Adventure Center Bike Repair

With winter coming to a slow end and warmer weather approaching, those rusty bicycles may need a tune-up for the new biking season. The Outdoor Adventure Center, located in SC103h, offers basic bike tune-ups right here on campus.

A basic tune-up at the Outdoor Adventure Center is only $25, a bargain compared to bike shops throughout the valley offering tune-ups ranging from $35-$89. Employees at the Outdoor Adventure Center can get your bike fixed within an hour- meaning students can get bike tune-ups in the time it takes sit through a single class.

For students who don’t have a bike or would like to try out a new hobby, bike rentals are also available at a bargain. Three-day rentals are only $45 with a wide variety of bicycles from mountain bikes to beach cruisers.

Employees at the Outdoor Adventure Center will also take any questions or comments about tune-ups, rentals or spare parts. Students are encouraged to call the Outdoor Adventure Center at (801) 863-7052.

Lactation Rooms

With 30,000 students, it may be hard for nursing moms at UVU to find a place to feed their children out of the public eye. Thanks to this unique service, these mothers no longer need to find a place to hide.

There are four rooms around campus for mothers to nurse their children, located in BA111, LC409k, LA209e, and CS505. Mothers can reserve a lactation room for the amount of time they want and get the privacy they need so that they can feed their young children.

“I believe that it is completely appropriate to have lactation rooms. Most young mothers enjoy the privacy with their newborns,” freshman Renee Powell said

Lactation rooms help mothers be more comfortable while feeding their babies and not have to worry about the hustle and bustle in the halls. If you would like to reserve a lactation room, or if you have any questions, please call the Human Resources department at (801) 863-8389.


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