UVU Review sits down with “The Voice” singer Sydney Kronmiller

Reading Time: 2 minutes UVU Review gets to talk with a trending Utah singer competing on “The Voice” Sydney Kronmiller.

Photo by Tina Thorpe/NBCReading Time: 2 minutes

The UVU Review was able to talk with “The Voice” musician and competitor Sydney Kronmiller

Kronmiller, originally from Ogden, Utah, said during her audition tape, “I love that the audition is blind. The coaches hear before they see, and I think it’s going to be slightly deceiving.” 

Kronmiller went to Brigham Young University-Idaho for a couple years and while there she ended up performing in the “Last Voice Standing”. 

Her BYUI performance was where she first performed her now viral performance of “Latch” by Sam Smith. This she said was why she decided on her personal composition of “Latch” to be her performance on “The Voice”. During her first performance Kronmiller had not one but two judges turn their chairs for her, deciding her decision between Camila Cabello and Gwen Stefani. Kronmiller said she always preferred Cabelo. 

She was asked during her audition which coach she preferred out of the four and she stated, “I hated that question so much because I was like literally any of them. I don’t care who turns. Even if it’s not a coach, if anyone turns around in a chair I will go with them.”

Kronmiller, while being a talented singer, is also a talented musician, playing the guitar during her performance on “The Voice.” She credits her dad for her love of not only music but also singing and pursuing a career out of the music they both loved and shared. 

“I would credit most of [her career] to him ya know my moms been a big supporter obviously my but my dad’s the musical one. Ever since we were little harmonizing [songs] with him we just ended up sitting up straight and belting it with him.” She has also told the Review how her dad used to play the guitar for her and her siblings when they were little right before bed. 

Kronmiller expressed that even when she was performing on stage she “wasn’t thinking of the aftermath.” 

She received messages about having the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website in her Instagram bio, saying that they were proud she didn’t hide her faith. “It’s just crazy. Just to get that kind of feedback from people is kind of surreal.”

Kronmiller talked to the Review and what advice she would give to upcoming musicians specifically in Utah. 

“I think that there’s definitely a market for [musicians] here in Utah, to an extent, I know people that are crushing it here in Utah. I think that depending on what level of career you’re trying to achieve, maybe if you’re able to explore living somewhere else.” She stated that her experiences living in other states has helped her discover different opportunities and learn more about the music market. 
“The Voice” current and past seasons are available to viewers on Peacock, Hulu, DIRECTV and numerous other sites.