UVU Reflection Center presents: “A Better Life”

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Chris Johnson, the author and filmmaker presented his movie “A Better Life – An Exploration of Joy and Meaning in a World Without God” to the students of UVU on Sept. 5. Held at the UVU Reflection Center, the event showcased Chris Johnson’s new series Faith & Film.

The focus of the film was to get different perspectives of Atheism from people with various ethnic backgrounds. Johnson the film creator, wanted to create a new image of the negative connotation surrounding religious direction. “My goal is to start a new conversation about Atheism,” Johnson said. “No matter if you are a Christian or not, you should get another perspective of what atheism can look like.”

His idea was developed on a road trip with his brother at a town called White Sands, New Mexico. Johnson felt so spiritually connected to the world at this place that he started thinking about how a life without a strong belief in god could potentially also be meaningful.

Students from different ethnic backgrounds and other beliefs joined the 117th screening. Scott McKinneck a philosophy major who attended the screening said, “I think the film is a very good example for people who find a way to live their life more fully through a special kind of religion,”

“A Better Life” is the first of a series of three films that will be presented in the Reflection Center.

Ellie Thompson, the coordinator of the center explained the motive behind the series. “We want to increase the different world views and religious beliefs here on campus,” Thompson said. “The Reflection Center decided to show ‘A Better Life’ because it has a positive image on Atheism, and with the Q&A we would like to welcome every religious group in the most inviting way. Our campus should provide a safe space for various kinds of beliefs.”