UVU receives $50 million from state legislature for new business building

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Utah’s state legislature granted UVU $50 million for a new business building that is estimated to cost $75 million on Thursday, March 14.

The building is estimated to double the existing space UVU currently has for its business students. The new building will be built south of the existing Woodbury Business Building and is projected to be more than 180,000 square feet.

When asked on the time frame for the building, Cameron Martin, the vice president of university relations at UVU, said that the predicted breaking of the ground would be in two to three months.

It is estimated that the new building will be under construction for two years after groundbreaking. Upon completion, the building will become the new front of campus.

In an article by the Daily Herald, UVU alumni and faculty member Chris Rockwood expressed his support for the new building. Rockwood commented on how the new building will help students and faculty alike.

“As an UVU alumni/employee having this new building will only make UVU a better university,” said Rockwood. “UVU has come along way, when I started there it was UVCC and had 3,300 students.”

While the new building is under construction, the current business school will continue to be used for classrooms, faculty offices and other program spaces.

UVU is known for having the largest business program in the state. According to a third party, the Woodbury School of Business is predicted to run out of space in 2020, marking perfecting timing for the arrival of the new building.