UVU ranked number three in the nation based on return on investment

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The landscape of American higher education looks vastly different this year than those preceding it. The global pandemic has brought to light the intricacies of the university system and highlighted all things related, both good and bad. 

Consequently, Business Insider, an acclaimed American financial and business website compiled a ranking that considers the return on investment students receive upon graduation from higher education, condensing their findings to the top 24 universities based on their respective returns on investment. 

UVU found its way to the top of the list, earning the recognition of “number three in the nation based on return on investment.”

These statistics are calculated by comparison of a ratio of income to the cost of attendance at each university respectively. 

UVU’s No. 3 ranking boasts a return on investment of nearly 85%. According to Business Insider, UVU graduates earn roughly $43,800 within the first 10 years of graduation, and with the annual cost of attendance at UVU reaching just over $12,900, it is no wonder the university claimed this top tier recognition. 

Additionally, UVU has the highest headcount in the Utah System of Higher Education and was the only public institution to receive recognition in this ranking. 

“Students who attend school at UVU can count on an affordable, quality education and a significant return on their education,” said UVU President Astrid Tuminez in response to the ranking, noting that the recognition is evidence of the university’s determination to offer “affordability and accessibility” to all of its students.