UVU looking to close gap in $10 million loss

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ISSUE: Feb. 18, 2013


1007270_65692382In his State of the University address, President Matthew Holland announced the potential for Utah Valley University to lose up to $10 million in revenue. After meeting with the university’s board of trustees and a brash presentation to the state legislation, the situation seems to be as dire as the prediction suggests.

Holland met Friday, Feb. 8, with the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee during their legislative session to address the lack of equity funding and compensation from the state for teachers and administrators in an effort to stymie the possible shortfall in revenue.

“We’re not just here to say ‘we’re not doing anything, we expect you to bail us out,’ we’re working as hard as we know how to work,” Holland said as he addressed the committee members on Friday. “We are just so down to the bone in terms of things we’re able to accomplish.”