UVU Clubs Bazaar to be held Feb. 27 and 28

Reading Time: 2 minutes Clubs at UVU will be holding the Clubs Bazaar fundraising event on Feb. 27-28.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
The word “bazaar” may bring to mind a market in the Middle East. The UVU clubs’ version of this isn’t quite as exotic, but it is just as busy. Around twenty-five clubs come to set up tables and sell swag to students in the Hall of Flags Feb. 27 and 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the Clubs Bazaar.


Once a semester, clubs come together to fundraise in this flea-market-style gathering, new as of last year.


“The clubs always need more fundraising,” said clubs Vice President Elizabeth Miller. “We bring them all together.”


Miller is one of four UVUSA vice presidents. Each vice president manages four ambassadors who oversee different areas. The club ambassadors and vice presidents attend the Clubs Bazaar, where they help clubs set up and manage the event.


With more than 100 official clubs at UVU, seeing a variety of clubs present is not a surprise. Regulars at the Clubs Bazaar include the Native Sun and Bass Fishing clubs.

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Along with T-shirts, wristbands and other club merchandise, there’s a food aspect to the Clubs Bazaar. The National Communication Association of Students is planning to make waffles, and the new Social Work Student Association may prepare crepes to help fund an upcoming service trip to Guatemala.


The Clubs Bazaar is a financial success for most clubs and seems to be getting better every semester. Clubs can also be seen doing independent fundraising and advertising outside of the Bazaar.


“Last semester about $1,000 total was made at the Clubs Bazaar,” said Trisha Wagner, the clubs office administrative assistant.


Some new clubs may also be at the Clubs Bazaar, such as the Fight the New Drug Chapter, which is an anti-pornography organization, the Vertical Climbing and Adventure Club and the Geomatics Club.


“[The Clubs Bazaar] is always way fun and a good way for clubs to market and fundraise,” said Hilari Bloomfield, ambassador for the academic, political and social awareness clubs.


Bazaar Bucks will be distributed and can be used as play money or coupons to give students a discount on club merchandise. A limit of two Bazaar Bucks from the newspaper can be used per student, per day.


Students interested in joining a club or finding out more about club events and dates can visit http://uvu.orgsync.com/org/clubs.