UVU CARE Hub works to eliminate food insecurity on campus 

UVU CARE Hub encourages students to take advantage of on campus food pantry while working to reduce amount of stress felt by students

Photo by Aaron Doucett via Unsplash

There is a well-known idea of an American college student: broke and hungry. UVU CARE Hub rejects this by providing resources for students to succeed. The food pantry is one resource that helps to alleviate stress that stems from food insecurity.

Amber Hendrickson has been the director of UVU CARE Hub since its founding in July 2022. Prior to this position, she had been over UVU’s food pantry since 2014. Hendrickson has taken a special interest in helping students find resources on campus and shows a passion for helping others. “We are a one stop shop to connect students with resources to fulfill their needs,” said Hendrickson. “Our vision is to remove barriers to create a place of belonging for all students.”

Hendrickson tells how food insecurity impacts mental health which in turn affects all parts of a person’s life such as physical health, academic performance, and social/family life. Food security alleviates some of the burdens of stress a student may be feeling and sets them up to succeed at UVU. Hendrickson goes on to express how healthy and culturally appropriate food fuels a person’s body. When somebody is hungry the brain is put into crisis mode. They’re not only thinking about eating, but they’re feeling weker, experiencing brain fog, and worried about where their next meal is coming from.

UVU has a partnership with Community Action Services and Food Bank located in Provo. Community Action supplies CARE Hub with enough product to keep it running smoothly and makes it so they do not have to rely on donations or food drives. UVU’s Grit Garden also supplies the pantry with fresh produce grown right here on campus and sponsors “Fresh Food Fridays” for students.

If you are anyone you know is struggling with food insecurity, you can reach out to UVU CARE Hub at [email protected] or (801)-863-6063. You can visit them during their hours of operation which are Monday-Friday 8A.M.-5P.M. in SC105. CARE Hub is open to all students, faculty, and staff. There is no income threshold a person must meet to qualify for assistance.

Additionally, if you are able, you can donate to the Emergency Fund to ensure students will be able to continue utilizing this resource.

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