UVU campaign still raising funds for first-generation students

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The 2518 Campaign, a campaign created by UVU’s administration to support first-generation college students, is already underway and off to a strong start in 2021.

When the campaign was launched in 2018, the cost of in-state tuition for one semester was $2,518, which is what inspired the name. The university has a goal to have 2518 students and community members donate to the campaign.

For 2021, the university’s goal is to endow two $40,000 first-gen scholarships to students. First generation students make up more than one-third of the students at UVU.

“We want them to be the great pioneers of their families,” said Shaun Singh, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, of first-generation students. “With the personal sacrifice that their parents make or their families make, UVU provides that opportunity for these students that don’t have the means to have the tuition available.”

Originally launched in 2018 by UVU President Astrid Tuminez, the campaign was sidelined in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but is back this year in an online format. 

While officially running from March 29 to April 10, Singh has said that students and community members have been donating since the beginning of March.

Those wishing to contribute to the campaign can do so here

The 2518 campaign isn’t the only resource UVU provides for first-generation students. The “I am First” initiative is focused on helping first-generation students complete their degrees.