UVU aviation students to pilot for United Airlines

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United Airlines has selected two UVU School of Aviation Sciences students from thousands of competitors to intern this fall.

“The quality of our aviation students is very high,” Jim Green, UVU aviation professor and internship mentor, said.

 This is the first time any university has had two of its students selected for United Airlines’ internship at the same time.  Senior Emma Gunn and recent graduate Trevor Snyder were selected to fill two of the six positions available.

 “In past internships with United and other airlines, our students have proven to be hardworking, reliable and honest,” Green said. “That, and the fact that we have good faculty and good flight instructors, has earned our aviation program great respect in the industry.”

 United Airlines offered its 13-week internship in Houston TX to Gunn, during which she will be completing several hours of simulated training and working with professional pilots.  The internship will aid Gunn on her road to gaining her transport pilot’s license.  Gunn credits much of her success to the Aviation Sciences’ training program and staff.

 “They’re huge on trying to help us get our careers started,” Gunn said. “They care, and they work hard to get these internships set up for us.”

 The second internship, awarded to Snyder, will last three months. Snyder will be located in the United Airlines Denver office. Snyder is also beginning work on his master’s degree.