UVU Announces new Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

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The university named Dr. Belinda ‘Otukolo Saltiban as the new Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer (CIDO), with her official start date being Nov. 19, according to a press release.

Saltiban was the assistant dean of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Utah for over five years.

In her role as assistant dean, Saltiban focused on shaping healthier campus climates, responding to incidents of bias and executing collaborative educational partnerships to further promote student success at the university.

She was also the director of the Office for Inclusion Excellence at the University of Utah. According to their official website, the office’s mission is to “engage, support and advance an environment fostering the values of respect, diversity, equity, inclusivity and academic excellence for students in [the] increasingly global campus community.”

With Saltiban’s move to UVU, officials believe her presence will bring a positive impact to campus, particularly in regards to furthering the institution’s goal of prioritizing inclusivity.

Scott Trotter, the university’s spokesperson, wrote the official press release announcing her move. Trotter said that her core qualities of nurturing a culture of inclusion are precisely parallel with the goals of UVU.

“In her new role, Dr. ’Otukolo Saltiban will provide leadership in areas that promote inclusion, diversity, equity, access and opportunity,” Trotter said. “She will work directly with the Office of the President, building on UVU’s nationally-recognized strategic Inclusion and Diversity Plan and efforts, and will oversee the university’s Inclusion Committee.”

Saltiban’s educational resume includes two bachelor’s degrees, one in sociology and one in human development, a master’s in social work and a doctorate in education, all from the University of Utah. In addition to these degrees, she has also conducted a number of presentations, written several scholarly works and has a multitude of research experience.