UVSC professor speaks at national conference

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UVSC’s assistant professor of earth science, Bill Dinklage, will be presenting at the 119th Geological Society of America Conference.

The conference will be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Oct. 27-31. There will be more than 6,000 geoscientists attending this year’s "2007: Earth Sciences for Society."

"I’m looking forward to getting in some discussion with others who will be there," Dinklage said, according to College Marketing a press release. "That’s what these conferences are all about. We get together, talk, share ideas and get some feedback from each other. There are some things I don’t fully understand, and I’ll hopefully meet some people there who can shed some light on that."

Dinklage specializes in metamorphic rocks and the development of metamorphic fabric and mineral growth. He also works with students and professors, going on geological explorations throughout Utah and parts of Nevada.

Dinklage will be speaking about his research with the titanium-in-biotite geothermometer. All the research he will be presenting is supported by the School of Science and Health.

He and two UVSC students, Thane St. Clair and Jenn Muir, went to Nevada and did field research in May using the geothermometer. Dinklage said they were "looking for new samples to collect that would expand their data."

For more information about Dinklage or his research, visit research.uvsc.edu/dinklage