Utah Valley University’s Ombuds

Reading Time: < 1 minute Utah Valley University has an Ombuds office to help students resolve complaints and problems.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Are you asking yourself what Ombuds is? The Ombuds office investigates and attempts to resolve complaints and problems between students and the University.  

From roommate disputes to grade disputes with professors, the Ombuds office is a neutral and independent resource for students to turn to in a time of need. They can help with students’ campus rights, interpersonal conflict mediation, academic complaints, and other conflicts. They are not limited to just disagreements on campus, but can also help with housing and landlord disagreements. Some of the common conflicts that they see are grade disputes, student/faculty disagreements, policy issues, and rights violations, roommate and landlord conflicts, and other personal concerns to students here at UVU.  UVU’s Ombudsman is Talatou Maiga, He can listen nonjudgmentally, provide information and referrals, and help prevent negative conflict through early intervention. However, he cannot advocate for individuals or the University, assist if you are engaged in any formal grievance process, or are represented by legal counsel, keep records or testify at formal legal proceedings.  All conversations with the Ombuds are confidential and will not disclose any part of a student’s conversation without prior permission.  Anyone can make an online report of concerns through EthicsPoint, which can be anonymous. Reports may include a wide range of issues including academic affairs, employee conduct, harassment and discrimination.  For more information visit their website, stop by SL212B or call 801-863-7237.