Utah Valley University unveils new economic minor 

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University unveiled a new minor in applied economics.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

UVU continues to grow by offering a new economics minor starting in the fall of 2024. With over 250 degrees, ranging from certificates to master’s degrees, UVU has many options for students to reach their career goals. 

In a statement shared with The Review, Dr. Maritza Sotomayor explains the newly unveiled minor: “The minor in applied economics is an exciting addition to our academic offerings. It will start in the fall of 2024. It’s designed to equip students with valuable skills in economics, data analysis, and problem-solving, which are highly sought after in today’s job market. This minor provides a unique opportunity for students to apply economic theory, data mining, statistical tools, and econometrics to real-world economic and business challenges.  

“In today’s job market, employers are looking for candidates with strong quantitative and data-handling skills. Graduates with a background in applied economics are well prepared to meet this demand. They can pursue careers in fields such as data analysis, market research, financial analysis, consulting, and more. Essentially, it opens doors to a world of possibilities.”   

A student doesn’t need to be in a business program to qualify. Dr. Sotomayor says, “This minor is designed to complement majors in various disciplines, certainly all majors in the WSB. Whether you’re studying mathematics, political science, statistics, computer science, applied data analytics, homeland security, national security studies, or information systems and technology, this minor can enhance your skill set and make you more competitive in your chosen field.  

“We are excited about the opportunities this minor brings to our students, and we encourage everyone to consider how it can benefit their academic and career goals.” 

For more information or to explore the possibilities offered by a minor in applied economics, students can contact Dr. Sotomayor. If students are interested in changing their degree in any way, such as adding or subtracting a program, they can find their advisor.