Utah Valley University 2023 President’s Scholarship Ball  

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Oct. 7, Utah Valley University held their annual President’s Scholarship Ball.

Photo by August Miller

Reading Time: 2 minutes

UVU has the chance once a year to invite donors and groups from the community to come to the President’s Scholarship Ball and learn about how and what UVU is doing to meet the needs of its students.  

The biggest sponsors that were in attendance in this years Scholarship ball were representatives from TargetRiver, Chrysalis Foundation and Utah Community Credit Union. This prestigious event secured more than $667,000 for student scholarships. This money will be used for many EverGreen programs, from academics to athletics.  

This year, two students were highlighted for their Lifelong Pursuit of Learning and first-generation success.  

John Forsgren’s 25-year journey through the world of computer science is a testament to his determination and the power of education. A junior at UVU, he followed a path marked by a passion for programming and an unwavering quest for knowledge.  

“Thanks to the generous benefactors of this scholarship program, I am able to attend college and study something that not only brings me joy and fulfillment but also will help me to have a great career,” Forsgren shared. 

When Dianet Linares considered where to attend college after high school, UVU impressed her with its focus on hands-on learning and a welcoming atmosphere. “I picked UVU because it was the perfect location, and I found out about all these great opportunities at the school,” Linares explained. “It is also more diverse than most other Utah colleges, and the pricing was another big draw.” Out of the public universities in Utah, UVU ranks third behind Snow College, and Utah Tech, according to a college tuition compares website.  

As a first-generation student, attending college intimidated her. Linares did not know how to navigate higher education or where to look for help. One day as she walked through the Liberal Arts building, Dianet saw a group passing out information about the First-Generation Student Success Center. 

Now, a year later after learning about the First-Generation Center, Linares’ says the center has had a significant impact on her time as a student at UVU.  

For more information and to download pictures from the Ball, visit their website. 

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