Utah Valley food fest brings a tasty experience to UVU

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Utah Valley Food Fest held their very first event, hosting local food companies within the Utah County area at the UCCU Center on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Nate Bronson and Nate Horrocks, co-creators of the Utah Valley Food Fest, sought to create an opportunity for people to try food from local vendors with only a small entrance fee. Many local restaurants, such as Kneaders, Even Stevens, Smokehouse and Nothing Bundt Cakes, participated in this event.

Seeking to give people a taste test, they set up booths where people walked around with a punch card — giving people  the opportunity to try all the vendors and ask about the companies.

“This is something useful, much like a movie pass, that allows the freedom and personal taste for each person,” said Horrocks.

After creating the event on Facebook, Bronson and Horrocks received many requests from new vendors like Dough Nation and Wanaga Bings to join the event and show off their new creations and ideas.

“I love food, and really, this is for people who share that same love and are looking to expand their knowledge of good local food,” said Horrocks.

Horrocks and Bronson broadcasted this event using Facebook as their platform and found that over a thousand people were willing to attend from all parts of Utah.

As the first year of this event, Horrocks and Bronson found it very successful. They hope to expand the festival and increase the amount of vendors and attendees to make it a more diverse opportunity.

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