Utah County rallies to help their own

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Going Beyond Borders is a nonprofit organization whose mission statement is to provide ongoing relief efforts throughout the world and is dedicated to educate, feed and aid those who would die needlessly from preventable conditions. The company hosted a charity event at Provo Beach Resort on September 26th to raise funds for the Center for Women & Children in Crisis.

Going Beyond Borders was founded three years ago by founders Kate and Danny Brotherson. While arranging a small charity event in Africa, their friend mentioned that he knew Kenyan Parliament member Ruth Oniango. Oniango had just finished her term and had always wanted to build a hospital in a certain area.

“What started out as a vacation hoping to do a little good quickly turned into no vacation and a lot of good,” Mrs. Brotherson said. They were able to raise $27,000 through their initial fundraising dinner and commenced the groundbreaking of the hospital with the help of volunteers.

The organization board decided to pick another project the following year. Some of the volunteers from Kenya mentioned Belize would be a good place to focus their next actions. After hosting a dinner and several events that raised over $46,000, they initiated the Sustain Belize Project.

Going Beyond Borders proceeded to raise enough funds to refurbish a school in the city of Chunox, Belize. The organization also collected items for the community such as computers, clothing for women and children, soccer balls and team uniforms.

At the beginning of 2013, the organization chose to provide assistance to an organization closer to their founders’ hometown of Provo. A place for Women and Children seeking to escape abuse, rape or domestic violence, the Board was immediately drawn to their cause.

“As we toured the Center for Women & Children in Crisis, one of the children asked his mom if he was in jail,” charity board member Jeremy McLerran said. “We decided that if a place trying to be a place of refuge seems like jail to the kids, we needed to do something to fix that.”

While usually relying on a large charity dinner as their primary fundraising event, the board decided to take a different approach to this year’s main event. In coordination with Provo Beach Resort, they hosted their main fundraiser with raffle prizes from The Utah Jazz, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and others.

Although Going Beyond Borders only expected to raise $10,000, just under 200 people attend and raised close to $15,000. All of the items that the Crisis Center needed were covered so that mattresses would be delivered and a playground could be installed.

“We don’t have all the answers. Our organization would love to have people give us suggestions and we could always use the help. Just think, if someone you knew were in that situation or hardship, what would you want done for them? Whether it’s donations, handing out flyers, or loading mattresses, all help is appreciated,” McLerran said.