Updated UVU apparel to be sold in Walmarts statewide

Students and citizens of Utah will soon be able to purchase UVU products at Walmarts statewide.

Apparel such as water bottles, sweaters, T-shirts and more will be on the shelves of nearly every Walmart in the state of Utah, thanks to a deal reached between the administration of UVU and the superstore chain. This deal came following a rebrand, which was headed by UVU art director, Shari Warnick.

“It is all so exciting, really,” said Warnick. “You know, you can walk into any Walmart store and see merchandise from BYU and University of Utah, but where is all the wolverine apparel?”

UVU’s classic green color has been changed from the original light green to a darker green. Warnick believes the color change is better suited for the growth the university has experienced over recent years; she believes UVU was long overdue for a refreshing of its brand.

“Honestly, in my opinion, it looks more like a school color. We are the biggest university in the state now. We finally understand that we are an institution to be taken seriously. The changes make us look more mature,” said Warnick.

In addition to the school color change, UVU T-shirt prints and athletics logos have been updated. The changes are expected to more clearly represent UVU’s position in education and the community of Utah Valley.

“UVU is a large, complex organization with many entities serving a variety of specific roles, but each campus unit benefits from a united brand message,” said Matthew Holland, president of UVU. “As an institution, we want to articulate certain consistent messages to the public, community and our various constituencies.”

Currently, few UVU apparel products carry the updated color or logos, but Warnick assures that changes are already underway. Soon, Warnick hopes, Utah Valley will see a surge of its citizens wearing the new UVU logos and color.

Administrators have high hopes that the resources invested into the changes will help students and faculty feel more comfortable purchasing and wearing the apparel.

“I see a lot of shirts and hats from BYU on campus,” said Richard Kunsman, a business major at UVU. “Maybe this change will help us see less of that.”

Currently, the majority of UVU products are only available through UVU campus stores, such as the UVU Book Store; however, with UVU products being sold at Walmarts state wide, Warwick is optimistic that the school will see more of its members brandishing the green and representing “Wolverine Pride.”

“I would definitely get a wolverine sweater at Walmart,” said Austin Stevenson, a behavioral science major at UVU. “Its time to put UVU on the map.”

Warnick expects to see products in stores before this holiday season; she hopes that UVU gear will be a gift given all over Utah Valley this year and in years to come.

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