University snow day policy updates

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As winter sets in and the days are filled with snow, Utah Valley University implements a new snow day policy. Wayne Vaught, provost senior vice president of academic affairs, Val Peterson, vice president of administration and strategic relations, and Robin Ebmeyer, director of emergency management and safety, sent out the update before the winter break. The policy included different scenarios, communication processes on snow days, and how UVU will operate under those conditions.

According to the announcement, “scenario A” includes, “Hazardous conditions that make travel challenging within the region and to campus, but the storm has not negatively impacted the campus itself. Crews are able to safely clear roads, sidewalks, and parking areas, and the campus remains open.” 

University administration will then work with emergency management and facilities that will communicate that the campus will remain open. Faculty are also able to choose if they want to teach in person or teach remotely. In the case of remote class, the faculty will communicate that to the students. 

Throughout scenario A, classes that require face to face attendance may be canceled depending on the faculty. 

“Scenario B” encompasses “Hazardous conditions that make travel challenging within the region and to campus. Weather conditions on campus are also hazardous. Facilities crews are unable to safely maintain roads, sidewalks, and parking areas, and/or power outages caused by the storm have impacted buildings, ”according to the announcement.

UVU administration will notify students when this has occurred and all courses will be moved to an online or recorded format. Faculty will also be in contact with students. 

“You will be notified via text message, email, and social media. We will also provide updates via the campus emergency information webpage:,” according to the announcement. If the storm continues into the second day students will get a notification by 6 a.m. with updates throughout the day as circumstances change. 

According to the announcement, information is sourced from The National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for a pinpointed forecast of the UVU campuses. 

Utah Department of Transportation weather cameras close to the Orem Campus and other off-campus sites (e.g., Wasatch, Thanksgiving Point, Emergency Services, Aviation), local weather forecasts, Utah County K-12 school districts, and UVU Police and Facilities for on-campus status updates (i.e., roadways, sidewalks, snow removal). 
To read the announcement and find out more about the Snow Day Policy, see this press release.