University Parkway Closed Until Tuesday

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By Kyrie Foster – News Writer | Officials of UDOT discuss University Parkway construction.

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This coming weekend, students at UVU may come to realize the impact University Parkway has on their daily life. The intersection is scheduled to close from the night of May 18, until the following Tuesday morning. During the scheduled closure, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Construction workers will be able to complete paving, lane marking, and signal work.


While the weekend closing will cause less commotion for students taking summer courses, the closure may deter drivers into using 400 West or Geneva Road for east-west access or Provo or Orem Center Street for I-15 access.


“The closure will be highly impactful to the community,” said Mindy Nelson, spokesperson for UDOT.  “We advise people to plan extra time to reach their destinations this weekend.”


Instead of the ongoing construction that students at UVU are familiar with, a continuous flow intersection (CFI), will be running in its place on Tuesday morning.


“Those who use University Parkway from 400 West to the I-15 interchange, should familiarize themselves with the CFI,” said Nelson. “It will not only increase east and west movement through the intersection, but there will be more green lights.”


Regardless, some UVU students are still skeptical of the closure and are unaware of the installment of the CFI. “The closure is going to make my weekend difficult. I’m not sure if it is even worth it,” said nutrition major, Brigitte Emrich.


Nelson recommends that all students view the CFI tutorial on UDOT’s website in order to more easily navigate the CFI, which will be the first one in Utah County. The closure has been well-advertised by UDOT through its website, fliers, and word-of-mouth. To learn more about the I-15 CORE expansion and view the CFI tutorial video visit

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