Unique new venue in Provo: The Madison

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With its proximity to two Universities, Provo has never been in short supply of people looking to have a good time. Sadly lacking was a place where those from all walks of life and backgrounds could mingle comfortably. Enter The Madison, a three story 21+ hybrid restaurant/venue/lounge/bar built specifically to suit the unique needs of Provo.


Open for lunch and dinner, Center Street Bistro occupies the first floor, offering patrons fare to suit both those looking for a traditional burger, pasta, wrap, or sandwich and those who search for a more adventurous flavor. Unique creations include the Spaghetti Burger, Spicy Tuna Sashimi wrap, and the Madison Burger with sundried tomato, pesto, ham, and egg. Their dinner options expand to include steak, chicken parmesan, pig wings, and desserts. With natural lighting from large windows, flowers adorning the tables, wifi, and seats overlooking Center Street, this quiet eatery is conducive to a nice study session with scattered people watching, business luncheons, as well as dinner and conversation with friends.


At night, the stage on the first floor of The Madison comes alive with music from bands and DJs. With warm, low, lighting, wrought iron décor, and strategically exposed brick, this establishment evokes a classy and charming atmosphere, inviting guests to unwind in style and comfort while listening to the many local and non-local musical artists showcased on their pleasantly pounding sound system.


Tim Bassett, who does booking for the venue, states that The Madison is not another bar, in fact, they offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to appeal to a diverse crowd. Their goal is to provide a place where people, college students especially, can enjoy themselves in a clean, comfortable environment. “This isn’t just a place to come and drink, the focus here is on entertainment,” Bassett said.


The second floor of the venue houses a VIP area with rentable leather sectionals and dining areas, perfect for a private party or event of any size. Rentals include dinner which can be enjoyed window-side, watching the movement on the Center Street or enjoying a birds-eye view of the performers on the stage below.


Finally, the third floor, named “Cowboys,” houses another, larger, stage and a soundproof karaoke area called “Whiskey Bay at The Madison.” Decorated in rustic, western appeal with exposed wood and vintage signage, this large open area competes in size with In The Venue in Salt Lake City and will be bringing more music and entertainment to Provo. Karaoke is offered on Thursday nights on the main stage of the first floor and is available every night of the week on the third floor in “Whiskey Bay”, where drinks can be ordered, but the area is away from the bar, so those less interested in proximity to alcohol can share their vocal talents as well.


The Madison provides an atmosphere to suit the diverse needs of an eclectic student-saturated town like Provo. From unique and traditional food, music, dancing, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, karaoke, and three floors of space to mix and mingle, the long overdue arrival of an establishment as unique as the Provo population has finally been met.


The Madison- 300 W Center St Provo, UT



 By Rikki Carter

Photos by Christina Ruth