Tutangeni DaSheek Akwenye appointed as Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

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Tutangeni Dasheek Akwenye has been hired as Utah Valley University’s newest Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, reported in a statement from UVU on Tuesday. Dr. Rasha Quidisat will be working alongside Dasheek as Program Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

“One of the most important ways in ensuring students are successful is if the university is inclusive,”  states UVU’s Inclusion and Diversity website. As the CIDO, Dasheek’s responsibility is to ensure that the university is inclusive to all. “Dasheek will provide leadership in areas that promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and opportunity, working across campus to build on UVU’s nationally recognized strategic Inclusion and Diversity Plan,” said the statement. Dasheek will be a part of all UVU’s executive committees and will oversee the university’s Inclusion Committee. 

“Rasha will focus on assessments, analytics, and university-wide justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion projects in the Office of Inclusion,” the statement further reads. Data gathered by Quidisat will ensure the university moves forward with accuracy in its mission to achieve diversity and inclusion. 

Currently serving as the Senior Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness, Dasheek has been a part of UVU’s community for many years. As a UVU alumnus, Dasheek started at the school 20 years ago as an international student-athlete. After completing his master’s degree at Utah State University, he returned to UVU in 2014 and has been working with the Campus of Recreation and Wellness since then. Dasheek has served several committees during his time at UVU: the Executive Inclusion committee, African Diaspora Executive, First-Generation Mentor,  and Police Academy Bias Education Training Committees. 

Quidisat received a Ph.D. from Brigham Young University in education, inquiry, measurement, and evaluation. “As a consultant for UVU for the past several years, she has worked on many engaged learning, National Science Foundation funded, and business management department projects,” said an email sent by UVU. 

“UVU is committed to preparing all students and employees for success in an increasingly complex, diverse, and globalized society. We promote civility and respect for the dignity and respect of each individual. We seek to advance the understanding of diverse perspectives,” UVU’s Inclusion and Diversity office’s mission statement claims. “We value and promote collegial relationships and mutual respect among students, faculty, and staff. We acknowledge and seek to address the needs of populations who are underrepresented and students with varying levels of academic preparation, even as we strive to provide access and support for all students and employees in ways that are culturally relevant and responsible.”
The Inclusion and Diversity office offers their services and resources to all students and employees of UVU. Their office is located in room BA-218. They can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (801) 863-8271. More information about UVU’s Diversity and Inclusion mission can be found on their website.