Transforming the Student Life Plaza with chalk fest

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UVUSA combined Chalk Fest and Sound Bites to give students the opportunity to add their artistic creativity to campus grounds.

Over 2000 chalk sticks were reserved for the Chalk Fest held on Sept. 13 at no cost to the students attending. Students were given the option to draw on either a five or 10 foot section of the sidewalk outside the Student Life Plaza.

The event was inspired by the artwork from a similar event held at the Riverwoods Shopping Center in Provo.

“With the chalk drawings, the students can actively participate in their campus outlook,” said Jessica Daniel, UVUSA’s activities branch fine art chair.

20 minutes into the event nearly all the spaces had been reserved by students. From cartoons and graffiti style drawings to colored advertisements for various UVU clubs, the students explored a set of different ideas on the sidewalks of the plaza.

Animation and game development major, Katherine Dartschi, decided to draw things like “My Little Pony” or older cartoons so others could recognize them.

“I start with little sketches and then start drawing them out,” said Dartschi.

Jaida Hall, an arts and design major, had another idea for her five foot area. Hall created her own design of a little girl drawn in red colors.

At the end of the event the UVUSA counted over 20 different art pieces. The participants continued to transform the sidewalk with their drawings throughout the day. At the end of the event, students were able to vote on which artwork they thought was the best.