Top 5 safe sex tips for students

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McKhelyn Jones | News Editor

As maturing adults in Utah County, it’s important to speak to all types of students about sex. Whether you practice abstinence, are sexually active, uninformed or just curious, here are tips from educational organizations about safe sex.

Students for Choice educates students about safe sex on campus and is a great source of information.

“I do what I do because I’ve had family members and friends who have been hurt or needed this information and didn’t have it. … Our goal is to inform students about sexual health. We want to be approachable to all students,” said Christian Fullmer, president of Students for Choice.

Condoms are highly effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs when used properly. They are the only form of birth control that prevent most STIs, however they don’t protect from herpes, genital warts or syphilis. Planned parenthood is another great option because they provide basic health services and charge based on income.

Family planning services such as affordable birth control is the bulk of what people receive from Planned Parenthood said Annabel Sheinberg, education director at Planned Parenthood.

She talked about three components of their mission: Access to healthcare; providing people with the information and education to make decisions about their sex lives and family and advocacy to protect the laws and policies that allow women and men to access care.

“By the time the average person in the United States is 19, 70 percent have had sex. I feel in education our job is to make sure that before they’re 19, they’ve had some exposure to information or education about how to protect themselves from either an STI, or an unwanted pregnancy and how to engage is a consensual behavior with somebody… Whether we reach them through our website, or an in-person education opportunity, or with a Students for Choice person like Christian; they get what they need to achieve the outcome of having the family they want to have, having the kind of sex lives they want to have and engaging in relationships that are mutually respectful, “she said.

Here are five top safe and positive sex tips for college students:

Ways to not get pregnant

There are various options for birth control whether it be a nonhormonal IUD which lasts five years, a female condom, or a controlled pill, everyone is different and can benefit to know the vast array of choices and emergency contraception. Check out “My Birth Control”

Ways to get tested.

This link provides critical knowledge on how to not spread STDs, misconceptions, common STDs such as HPV and how to get the vaccine If you are, or have been sexually active, STI testing should happen regularly. Partners can go get tested together. You can watch examples with different scenarios on how to talk to your partner with their “Been There Done That” online app.

Ways to seek medical treatment

Here you’ll find information on what to do if condom breaks, how to access and use condoms and how to correctly store condoms.

Ways to educate yourself

10 million per year access services on their website. Take online quizzes and games which provide information about sex, sexuality and dating.

Communication and consent

Talk to each other about sex and safety. Always make sure you have their consent before each sexual encounter. No does not mean yes. Check out “Consent 101” on YouTube for different tutorials.

Planned Parenthood in Orem is located at Utah Valley Health Center and is 3.4 miles from UVU campus. They have a live-chat and text option: (774636)

The media and links are provided by the Affiliate of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.