To the community, UVU represents service

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At this University, students have the opportunity not only to study, but also to apply what they learn through the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center.

The center works with thousands of volunteer students and clubs who want to have a better understanding of the responsibility of a big project. They also cater to those who want to practice what their teachers talk about in class. Participants want to make a difference both in their own lives and their communities.

To be a member of the volunteer team is not complicated; a desire to help is all that is required.

The center has three levels of volunteer service. The first is the student volunteer, where the participant is involved in different assigned activities.     At the second level, students work directly with professors. This is where volunteers put into practice the material learned from their courses. It is a part of the curriculum and participants receive class credit for their work.

The final level is being a student counselor. This allows volunteers to work on projects and practice them in the community. The participants choose what projects they will work with, establish a budget and get to work.

The center support several activities and projects to help students during their college years, one of them being academic tutoring. All students can receive assistance in subjects such as math, English, chemistry and more.

Friday’s Kids Respite, is also supported by the center and helps parents who have children with disabilities. The volunteers come to play with the kids, allowing parents to have some time for themselves.

Another service that will soon be offered is the distribution of food to students who need it.

More information about the Volunteer & Service-Learning center’s services and how to volunteer is available by visiting LC 209 or going to their website at

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