To Bling or Not To Bling

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Don’t be caught underdressed this fall season because current fashion is all about the bling!

Fall Fashion Week in New York City was resplendent with simple styles in neutral colors emphasizing the accessories: bright bags, chunky jewelry and oversized belts. Whether you are going out for a night on the town or just heading to school for a day of classes, you can’t over-accessorize any outfit this winter. Clothing styles are dressy and modern with jewelry styles following suit.

Brenda Morgan, distributor for Lia Sophia jewelry, assures us that fall jewelry is “big, bold and colorful. You are going to see large stones in a rainbow of colors, long necklaces that are flashy with multiple strands and chunky bracelets in intricate designs. There is a big emphasis this season on long necklaces that can be paired with button-down shirts and flashy rings with semi-precious stones.”

Though gold made a small comeback in recent months, Morgan says that “silver is still the predominant choice in fashion.” Something making a splash in the jewelry world is hematite, the mineral form of iron oxide.

“It’s a shade similar to gun-metal grey but it is reflective and shiny. Its growing popularity is due to its lightness in weight and the way it catches the light,” said Morgan.

Bags and purses are also popular to add spice to your winter wardrobe. Designers are focusing on bright jewel colors and unique shades that really add bling to any ensemble. Don’t worry if your purse doesn’t match your outfit. “Your purse, like your jewelry, should make a statement of its own, ” said Morgan.

For you men that are feeling left out, fashion has something for you too. With the clothing trend leaning towards a more professional look, cuff links are a hot accessory to a crisp colored shirt. Feel free to add a heavy watch to those shining links or pair it with a men’s bracelet in sterling silver or black with titanium. For a more inexpensive touch, don’t leave home without a hat or drape a scarf across those broad shoulders. Don’t feel that the ladies are the only ones allowed to sport some bling.

So, whether you are out to impress or just out to dress, add some bling to your style.