Three Ways to Eat Healthy on Campus

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The Freshman 15 is not about body standards–it’s about health. Becoming an adult means developing good eating habits, which gives one the energy to enjoy every new opportunity.
Admittedly, UVU struggles with healthy dining options. This year, a new restaurant opened a stone’s throw from the gym: Wendy’s.
UVU has gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dining options listed in a PDF link at under the tab, “Take a look at our healthier food options”. (The tab is a misnomer, though.
Waffle fries are gluten free, yes, but “healthier”? Not as much.)
Here are three other ways to eat healthy on campus without dipping deeply into your loans:
1.Jamba Juice
(PE building). If you skip the sherbet options and opt for some greenery,
the organic energy boost of a mid-priced smoothie will pay dividends. Diet apps don’t care for natural fructose but the body does.
2. Subway
(main food court). The Veggie Delight can’t be beat for sheer nutritional value, but any sub with chicken as the meat and a light sauce or dressing, such as the Sweet
Onion Chicken Teriyaki, is packed with protein and vitamins.
3. Reheat food from home.
This is by far the cheapest, healthiest option. Microwaves are conveniently placed on both levels of the food court, in the PE building, library, Computer Science Building and other sneaky places including the UVU Review newsroom. Come use ours if it helps you be healthier.
The broccoli beef at Panda Express and grilled nuggets at Chick-fil-A are also viable options.
To learn more about health coaching and cooking classes available to students, visit

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