One of the pitfalls that the American people fall into is relying on their political party to have all of the answers. While political parties have been around since before the founding of the country, we, as a country, have been drifting further apart through political parties. We are divided like the North and the South in the late 19th century. What once was the United States of America is now Red States and Blue States.

We must rely on the candidate choices of the two major parties. If we do not vote for one of the two candidates chosen for us, people tell us we are wasting our vote. I say, No more. If enough people vote for a third party candidate, then that will send a message to the two main political parties as well as the rest of America. That message will be, “We want something outside of the conventional box. We want someone who is not corrupted.” This is especially important when choosing a congressperson. They are the greediest kind of politician.

It has become customary for candidates to tell us what we want to hear regardless of the truth. We experienced this during the current election, in which even the news media has involved itself. After months of political coverage, it seems that the news organizations of America will soon have nothing to report on, at least until the President-elect makes a mockery of his office by making a decision that “Joe the plumber” doesn’t agree with. Certainly your candidate will not be the one who makes such a blunder — but then again, did you catch the vague answers both candidates gave during the debates?