Thin Blue Line

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Smoking Skaters

May 17 – An officer responded to reports of three men longboarding and smoking cigarettes in the parking garage. The three fled and hid when the officer approached. The officer identified a vehicle belonging to one of the skaters and waited for them to return. A traffic stop was initiated and two of the three men were given citations.

Rogue Barrier

May 17 – While on patrol, an officer noticed an orange construction barrier had blown into the middle of a road. The officer moved the barrier back to the edge of the road and cleared the scene. No further action was taken.

Hot Dog

May 11 – An officer responded to reports of a dog left in a vehicle. Upon inspection, the windows were found rolled down and the dog did not appear to be in distress. The officer checked back 20 minutes later and found the vehicle had left. No further action was taken.

Unconscious Passenger

May 10 – An officer was called to assist Orem police with reports of an unconscious woman on the Frontrunner train. The officer arrived on scene and found the woman in the last train car. She was medically checked and cleared. No further action was taken.

Open Container

May 3 – An officer conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle near the round-about in front of campus. Open alcoholic containers were observed in the vehicle. The passenger in the vehicle was an underage youth. Both the driver and passenger were cited for numerous alcohol violations and released.

Gross Surprise

May 2 – An officer responded to a call from a professor who found a used condom outside her classroom on the second floor of the BA building. It was used, full and tied closed as she described it. The professor feels it was targeted at her, but it is unknown who left it or why it was left there. No further action was taken.